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Asia dominated in the list of the world’s busiest air routes in 2017, cementing the region’s status as the world’s fastest-growing travel market.

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The world financial system is as dangerously stretched today as it was at the peak of the last bubble but

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Our Office will be closing on Thursday 21st December at midday and reopen in the New Year at 8.30am Monday 8th January 2018 Wishing you all an enjoyable Summer! All the best for a fun & profitable 2018!!

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News » Nelson youth councillor sets sights on UN

1501805834182Robin is proud to be helping to sponsor Linda Ly on her way, in January 2018, to debate at a model United Nations at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, USA – see article below.

linda“A Nelson youth councillor could soon be swapping the local council chambers for a model United Nations.

Nelson College for Girls student Linda Ly, 17, is one of 20 students from Australasia selected for a tour to Ivy League universities next January.

As part of the tour, she’ll debate alongside 600 other young people in a model United Nations at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.

The daughter of former refugees, Ly said she loves politics and has enjoyed her time on the youth council getting to know Nelson’s elected members.

Now she’s looking forward to meeting other youth from around the world who share her passion for politics and international relations.

“I’m most excited about meeting people and building connections, and being further educated about the United Nations,” Ly said.

“In my dream, somewhere down the line I’d like to possibly work there.”

She said the tour would equip her for studies at Victoria University next year, in law and international relations, and she hoped one day she might take her experiences back to Cambodia.

She said her parents came to Nelson 22 years ago as refugees, and as Ly had grown older she’d become more aware of the challenges Cambodia faces.

“There’s so much poverty and people living on the streets … I’d like to one day go out there and help, join a non-profit organisation.”

For now, Ly has her sights set on the upcoming trip to the United States, and said she was excited to be heading to Harvard as part of the tour – a dream she’d had since she was a little girl.

The tour will see her visit Harvard, Stanford, New York University, Princeton, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as well as the four-day model UN competition at Yale.


But first she has to raise $8000 to get there. She said her parents were able to help her with some of the cost, but the rest she needs to pay for herself.

She works mornings and after school at her parents’ bakery, Loafers, but still had $7000 left outstanding to pay.

Ly said she hoped she could raise a contribution to that, as she also was faced with covering university costs next year.

Her long-term goal is a career in politics. She has already volunteered to help with the Green Party’s election campaign.

“I’m really passionate about the environment, poverty, climate change and mental health, and politics covers all of it … it’s great to talk about it with people.”

A Give-A-Little page has been set up for Linda’s fundraising efforts:


August 4 2017 “

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