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Please note our office is closed during the Government Lockdown period. Our team are working reduced work hours the best they can, please expect delays in email responses and at times reduced functionality due to working remotely. For any urgent queries, please contact Phil Smith, 027 520 1494 (preferably during working hours) Our thoughts are with you. […]

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Our office is currently open by appointment only. You can contact the team via email or phone to arrange an appointment. While the team are working reduced hours, please note the response time may be delayed. You can phone Phil during normal business hours.

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Inland Revenue scrutiny of property transactions has resulted in $12.5 million in tax bills for property traders and speculators last year. The department is tasked with identifying property dealers and speculators who should have paid tax on the gains they make from buying and selling properties. A spokeswoman said its current focus was on identifying […]

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News » The World’s Busiest Air Routes

Asia dominated in the list of the world’s busiest air routes in 2017, cementing the region’s status as the world’s fastest-growing travel market.

Figures from flight data website found that the world’s busiest air route was not New York to Los Angeles or London to Paris, but between the South Korean holiday island of Jeju and the country’s capital of Seoul.  Airlines flew the route 64,991 times during the year.

Australia is home to two of the world’s busiest routes, with Melbourne to Sydney recording 54,519 flights and Brisbane to Sydney 33,765 flights in 2017.

While all of the top 10 busiest routes were domestic, Hong Kong to Taipei topped the international list with 29,494 flights in 2017, followed by Kuala Lumpur to Singapore with 29,383 flights and Jakarta to Singapore with 26,872.

InTheBlack March 2018, pp11


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